06 September 2005

Dave Matthews is so 1997

We here at Mock Modesty are Dave Matthews fans. We have been to 20+ DMB shows since 1997 and have enjoyed most. But we have to say we agree with most of this expose about the band's frontman:

Matthews even feels isolated from fans with whom he once felt a strong bond, disparaging them as "lame." He also admits that the older he gets, the more out of place he feels around "kids in their Dave Matthews phase."

"I used to talk for hours about my music or spend a whole night in a DMB chatroom," Matthews said. "But now, the people at the shows seem like such geeks, standing there with their elaborate taping equipment. They're really, really young, too. What do I have in common with them? They're just a bunch of kids who need someone to look up to. Why would I look up to me? I'm so 1997."

Read the whole thing.

03 September 2005

Long term impact of Katrina

For a different take on the longer term issues around New Orleans' destruction, read this scary, yet seemingly correct, analysis at Stratfor by George Friedman.

04 August 2005

Will Junior, Harvick and Gordon make it to the Chase?

We here at MM are big Harvick fans, medium Junior fans and slight Gordon fans. So seeing lame-os like Mark Martin and Greg Biffle (we hate Biffle) in the top 10 of the standings after 20 races causes us distress.

Indianapolis on Sunday could change everything. And the fantasy handicapping shows that All of our drivers should be (based on recent Indy performances) in the hunt this weekend. Let's hope so. Because after only 6 more races they'll be out of the Chase for good.

Boogity boogity boogity, let's go racin' boys!

Politcal nerds take note

Michael Barone, political history genius, has a great new blog over at the US News site.

Check it out. Warning: It's very wonky.

20 July 2005

Smug? Nah, just enjoying the little Jacky show

Did you see Pres. Bush smirking while introducing his pick (Judge John G. Roberts) for the open US Supreme Court seat? We at MM do not believe he was tipping his hand and 'telling' us that he expects an 'easy' confirmation.

Rather, he was watching the nominee's son, Jack, dancing/ misbehaving in front of the podium (and off-camera for most network feeds, but apparently shown on C-SPAN2).

Click here for video of Jack being a four year-old at The Political Teen. [Def check it out]

Hat tip: GOP Vixen - Why Bush Smirked

[Photo from AFP]

Procrastination across the nation

We are supposed to be doing summer reading and summer work for b-school, but procrastination has allowed some non-school summer reading to occur.

So far two of the best books were Sunday Money (MacGregor) and Stranger Than Fiction (Palahniuk).

Sunday Money: Speed! Lust! Madness! Death! A Hot Lap Around America with Nascar was hard to put down. We read it in just a few days and enjoyed nearly every bit. MacGregor follows the 2002 Nascar Winston Cup with his wife by buying an RV and criss-crossing the country to each race. If you are a newer Nascar fan (as we at MM are), this book combines a bit of racing history with the more recent (and hilarious) anecdotes and scenes. MacGregor is a gripping writer and this book is highly recommended. Rating: 5 (out of 5).

Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories was another non-fiction book. Our favorite author, satirist Chuck Palahniuk's first attempt at essays is not as interesting as his sometime gross, nihilistic, often anarchist fiction. And some of the essays are just straight boring (most of the 'celebrity' interviews). While others are interesting (most of the personal accounts from his childhood or about his family; naval submarine; festival in Missouri). Rating: 3.5

We're halfway done reading: Old School (Wolff); Haunted (Palahniuk). Both are excellent (5 rating potential) thus far.

Old School is different. Wolff is a prof at Stanford and the book is a bit literary, in the sense that some of the info about the historical writers seems a bit inside-baseball-ish to us non-engligh-major folks. But it is excellent writing and a great (semi-?) autobiographical story to boot.

Haunted is very very dark, disturbing and not a book for your mother, but good and very Palahniuk (he wrote Fight Club, use your imagination; supposedly people were getting physically ill at his bookstore readings of this book).

iTunes update - mostly country

Most played iTunes albums as of tonight

Good stuff. Check 'em out.

Our favorite track lately is "Boston" on the new Kenny album

She wears a Red Sox cap to hide her baby dreads
The girl she was in New England is different now and dead
In all the local bars, she flirts and tells the boys while they're talkin'
She's from Boston

Bizarre: Willy Wonka meets Childsplay meets a Circus

Two weeks back we trekked to Madison, Wisconsin to visit some close friends and experienced a weird adventure. The House on the Rock.

It is about an hour from Madison and is worth the $20 admission.

From the world's largest carousel (with not one horse on it) to the freaky dolls room to the Infinity Room (pictured left) that is and unsupported glass room that supports you but shakes a little too much.

Very weird and even more difficult to describe.

BB6 = addiction

We at MM are now addicted to another reality program. Big Brother 6 (CBS) is on like a bazillion times a week (and an hour-long program each time at that), but it is worth watching. It seems so much less scripted than other MM favorites Real World or even Hell's Kitchen, which is a good thing. So set the TiVo and check it out.

And we highly recommend the commentary on TVGasm about BB6 and other reality shows. [Note: Usually not safe for work]

Earth to Brint. Earth to Meekus.

If you havne't checked out Google Earth yet, go download it now (it's free).

We love it. And it's scary too.